Vilgain Piemonte Hazelnut Butter

91 Ratings

So tasty! So tender! Divine

I was a little disappointed with the butter, it's bitter tasting.

I finally found a butter made from real piemonte nuts with pure ingredients! For me it's great

I've been getting a lot of use out of this lately. The only nut butter that stays liquid in the fridge. Sweet with only the finest nuts, no added anything. Perfection!

Tastes like bueno 😋

taste good, but the consistency is terribly runny, even if I leave the butter in the fridge

Hi Evi, try mixing the butter really well to make it a creamy consistency. Have a nice day

Lots of oil

Hi Lenka, it is recommended to mix the oil properly so that the texture of the product is ideal :). Have a nice day

Very pleasant and delicate taste.

Excellent butter. It's just a pity it's not made from soaked nuts..

Great hazelnut butter, what can I say. :)