Egg Protein

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Vilgain Egg White Powder
Vilgain Egg White Powder ⁠–⁠ 100 % dried eggs, 81 % protein per 100 g, non-GMO, no other additives
500 g

What are egg proteins?

Egg proteins are not as well‑known a source of protein as whey or vegan proteins, but this in no way diminishes their quality. On the contrary, egg whites are widely considered one of the highest quality sources of protein.

The pros of egg protein

Egg whites are close to an ideal protein source due to their properties. The main pros include:

  • high content high levels of essential amino acids and a good proportion of BCAAs,
  • very slow absorption (about 3 g/h),
  • high sodium content,
  • source of potassium and phosphorus,
  • natural content of vitamins A, B12 and D,
  • negligible amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

In addition, dried egg whites boast at least 80% protein content (Vilgain Egg Whites even 84 % protein), while liquid egg whites are only 10 %, due to their high water content.

When and how to use egg whites?

Egg whites can be consumed at any time of the day, but due to their long digestion time, it is better if they are followed by a longer period of time without the intake of other proteins. The ideal time may be late in the evening.

Dried egg whites can be used as a classic protein drink, but the disadvantage is that the taste is not very appealing. Thus, one option is to supplement egg protein with a "tastier" (e.g. whey) protein. Depending on the type of protein, different digestion times should be taken into account. This principle is also used for multi‑ingredient proteins, to which egg protein is usually added.

Adding egg whites to meals may thus seem to be a more "viable" option. Whipped egg white is ideal for pancakes, muffins or porridge. Liquid egg whites can be used to make omelettes or cakes, where they can easily replace whole eggs. And if you've ever wondered what to substitute in recipes protein powder the answer is simple. Egg whites.

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