Vitamin B

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Vilgain Vitamin B12
Vilgain Vitamin B12 ⁠–⁠ for the proper functioning of cognitive functions and the nervous system, in an easily absorbed spray form, an important vitamin not only for vegans and the elderly
30 ml
Vilgain Magnesium and Zinc
Vilgain Magnesium and Zinc ⁠–⁠ support of physical performance, enriched with vitamin B6 and copper, minerals in chelate bonds
90 capsules
Vilgain B-Complex
Vilgain B-Complex ⁠–⁠ full spectrum of B vitamins, supports mental and physical performance, strengthens skin and hair, in optimal amounts
90 capsules
Vitamins in sprays ⁠–⁠ important micronutrients in liquid forms, easily applied and absorbed, in the highest possible clean label formulation