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Vilgain Laundry Detergent
Vilgain Laundry Detergent ⁠–⁠ eco, vegan, up to 20 washings, for white and coloured laundry
1000 ml
Vilgain Sport Laundry Detergent
Vilgain Sport Laundry Detergent ⁠–⁠ gentle product for white and coloured sportswear, up to 25 washing doses, eco, vegan
Lemongrass with orange 1000 ml

Eco‑friendly detergents

Some chemicals in conventional detergents are not kind to nature, where they break down badly, or to human skin, which can be irritated. So eco‑friendly detergents that are kind to nature and affordable are an increasingly common (and sensible) choice. Their main advantages include:

  • natural‑based content;
  • suitability for allergy sufferers, babies or people with sensitive skin;
  • often 100% recyclable packaging;
  • essential oil content instead of synthetic perfumes;
  • often boasts vegan certification.

Eco‑friendly laundry detergents are hand and machine washable, plus they are just as effective as conventional detergents.

Ingredients of eco‑friendly detergents

  • Eco‑friendly laundry gels and powders are most often based on conventional soap, natural enzymes, baking soda, soap nuts or essential oils. These ingredients thus replace synthetic substances or perfumes.
  • Eco‑friendly fabric softeners boast a considerably shorter formulation, usually containing only surfactants and fragrances of natural origin. No synthetic antimicrobials, preservatives or perfumes that may have allergenic potential.
  • Sodium carbonate, sodium pecorate or castile soap work best as eco‑friendly stain removers and bleaches. Even these 100% natural products can handle grease stains, fruit or vegetable stains, grass stains or blood stains.

Baking soda as a laundry helper

Baking soda is known for its cleaning properties, making it one of the most popular cleaning and disinfecting aids. However, its properties can also be used for washing. Adding baking soda to the washing machine helps to soften the water, clean strong odors or stains from the laundry and as a prevention of stale laundry.

In the section Ecodrogerie you'll find the best eco laundry detergents from FeelEco, Tierra Verde and Ecogenic to help you and the environment. Try our certified Laundry Gel Vilgain.

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