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Vilgain Korean Ginseng
Vilgain Korean Ginseng ⁠–⁠ maximum active ingredient content, supporting immunity, libido, concentration and memory
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Dietary supplements with ginseng

Ginseng, also known as Korean ginseng, is a perennial herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. The active ingredients are ginsenosides - saponins characteristic only of plants of the Panax species. In addition to ginseng, American, Vietnamese or Japanese ginseng can also be found, but they contain fewer active ingredients.

The name ginseng is also used for some other herbs that do not belong to the Panax genus and their active substances are not ginsenosides. These include Indian ginseng (ashwagandha), Siberian ginseng (eleutherococcus) and Peruvian ginseng (maca).

Effects of ginseng

Ginseng is one of the so‑called "ginsengs", adaptogens - substances that help the human body adapt to physical and mental stress. In addition to its positive effect on the immune system, the confirmed effects of ginseng include:

  • improving cognitive function and memory,
  • promoting libido and sexual function,
  • a positive effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • blood sugar regulation.

In addition, ginseng can support athletic performance, alleviate symptoms associated with menopause and also acts as an antioxidant.

Ginseng dosage

Ginseng is generally taken as a stand‑alone dietary supplement, tea, or as part of complex multivitamins and other supplements. Ginseng extract is recommended to be taken in daily doses ranging from 200‑400 mg. In the case of other types of ginseng, the recommended daily dose may vary depending on the amount of ginsenosides contained.

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Korean Ginseng: Benefits and Recommended Dosage
Korean Ginseng: Benefits and Recommended Dosage
Korean ginseng is one of the most popular plant extracts in Eastern medicine. How does it affect the immune system, brain and sexual function?