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Vilgain Organic Psyllium
Vilgain Organic Psyllium ⁠–⁠ soluble fibre to support gut health and satiety
400 g

Dietary supplements with fibre

Fibre belongs to the group of complex carbohydrates and is a non‑digestible food component that is crucial for proper digestion and support of many other aspects of health. There are two types of fibre:

  • Soluble fibre is distinguished by its ability to bind water and form a gel‑like mass. Its intake promotes satiety (which is appreciated by people trying to lose weight) and lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels. It also serves as food for the gut microbiome. Soluble fibre includes psyllium, inulin or chicory fibre.
  • Insoluble fibre passes through the digestive system unchanged, promoting intestinal peristalsis and regular bowel movements. Insoluble fibre can also bind some harmful substances. It thus acts as a 'gut brush'.

The best sources of fibre are whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables or nuts and seeds.

In the case of insufficient fibre intake or to aid digestion in acute digestive problems, it is advisable to take fibre supplements. These can easily be added to favourite foods or taken on their own. Along with fibre intake, it is also important to remember to take sufficient fluid intake.

The recommended daily dose of fibre for an adult is 25‑30 grams. The recommended fibre intake may vary depending on specific dietary restrictions, e.g. on a fat‑free diet.

Excessive fibre intake can lead to certain digestive problems (bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhoea), poor absorption of medicines, vitamins and minerals.

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