Vilgain Organic Nut Butter Cups

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Quite a disappointment for me. The chocolate has a thick layer, a fatty consistency and such a strange "tail". There's very little peanut butter inside, so the peanuts and chocolate don't mix in the flavour, but the chocolate is very prevalent.

Very disappointing. I love peanut butters and white chocolate but this is far from the taste of both ingredients. The chocolate tastes strangely stale. There is little peanut butter so unfortunately the musty part of the "chocolate" prevails. I'd rather have "real" cupcakes once in a while :)

I have to agree, I'm tasting for the first time now and I can smell spoiled arasids. The chocolate doesn't taste good at all/not at all. I wouldn't be afraid to call this downright disgusting. I am throwing away the remaining two pieces from the pack.
Hi Ivana, we are very sorry that the product does not suit you. Our Vilgain cupcakes consist of 1/3 roasted peanuts, high quality white chocolate and all other ingredients are from organic farming. In addition, compared to standard Butter Cups, they do not contain any artificial flavors, so you can tell the difference in taste. However, just to be sure, we have emailed you to check your experience. Have a nice day,

I didn't like the coconut flavour, it has an artificial/weird aftertaste

A luxurious affair for coffee 🙃

For me coconut is even better than with peanut butter, for example in baked oats, try

Coconut came whole melted

Hi Emo, if your cupcakes didn't come out quite right, please send us a photo to and we'll take a look at them together. We will be recalling the product due to the higher temperatures. Have a nice day.

Unfortunately a big disappointment, the chocolate tastes like you are only eating dyed fat and with the combination with peanuts the cupcakes have an unpleasant tail. Reese's, unfortunately, do not match the taste as promised in the advertising.

Disappointing, the chocolate does not taste good at all

Beautifully delicate👍

I didn't like that at all. I can't even describe the taste, it's kind of rotten? 😖

Hi Michaela, the cupcakes have a nice coconut taste. If you find they are not right, please send us a photo and batch number immediately to: We will be happy to check them 👀. Have a nice day.