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Hello, is it advisable to consume magnesium with these multivitamins
Hello, is it advisable to combine this vitamin with vitamin C? Thank you
Hello, is this multivitamin suitable for a 12 year old child? I'm looking for something more complex, she's doing sports and has started to grow fast. Thank you
Are there any foods that are not good to consume with this multivitamin from an absorption point of view (they would hinder absorption)? For example, yoghurt with cereal etc. Thank you.
Hello, I would like to ask if it is advisable to combine this supplement with your d3+k2 in drops. Thank you.
Hello, can children from 6 years old take it? One capsule a day? Thank you in advance for the answer.
Hello, when is the best time to take a multivitamin to make it as absorbable as possible? During or after a meal, or with what interval between meals? Thank you for your answer.
Hello, I just want to ask, I don't match the composition here on the website and directly on the label. Site: magnesium 150mg, b12 2,5ug, label: magnesium 300mg, b12 4ug. The site and label give the value "for 2 capsules", so I'm just wondering where the truth is. Thanks in advance.
Hello, when can I expect this product back in stock? Thank you.
Hello, is the multivitamin suitable for a 15-year-old child? Possibly 2 or just 1 capsule a day?