answered questions
Hello, you write that it is not advisable to take it while breastfeeding, but I would find it quite helpful. What's the reason it's not possible? Thank you.
Hello, how long can I take L-theanine for?
Hello, is it possible to take the capsules in a way that I pour the contents on a spoon? So I don't have to swallow them
Hello, I want to get advice immediately taking Theanine. You write that it is recommended mainly before bedtime, which is not a problem for me. Then you write that it is advisable to take it with coffee because of the caffeine effects. I drink coffee mostly in the morning. How to get out of it? When is really the best time? Plus I take Korean ginseng in parallel, I take 1 tb of that in the morning. Is it advisable to combine it? If so, how do you recommend? Thank you and kind regards Róbert
Hello, you state that Theanine is good for improving sleep quality, you also state that it contains 10mg of caffeine per capsule. Is it advisable to take it before bedtime? Thanks