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Taste fine, but unfortunately you can't whip the snow out of them

I'm starting to doubt a bit about the quality of the processing, because the second pack has a yellowish color which is maybe caused by the yolk that accidentally got into this batch, or I don't know how else to explain it.

Hi Honza, we are very sorry if you are not completely satisfied with the product. You have a message from us in your e-mail. We'll be happy to check your batch. Have a nice day.

Great use

Nice stuff, worse solubility, but still a permanent fixture on my shopping list.

super, luxurious

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!!! The best in the world - it changed my kitchen...oatmeal is like a creamy, wonderful for toppings, just to stiffen the curd when baking... simply mega, I already have two pieces in my basket :)

Despite the experience I have in the kitchen, I find it difficult to work with the product and incorporate it into recipes. Liquid egg whites do not compare to powdered ones :I

Ordered for cookie recipes. Totally good. :)

Excellent, I used it in my Christmas baking. Excellent to replace raw egg whites.

Good again