Vilgain Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

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Super I can only recommend 👍

I have the exact same experience. The oil in the hot pan started smoking extremely and it doesn't smell like coconut at all 😥. It doesn't seem to be suitable for cooking. I wanted to enjoy nice smelling coconut slices, instead I had to opt for regular ghee. I won't buy it next time.

Hi Peter, the smoke point of the oil is 200C, so we recommend using it on an unheated pan. We recommend frying only on low heat 😊. Have a nice day 😊

You can't fry on it at all, it smokes so much that my alarm went off. I don't know what it's for, but definitely not for frying!! A lot of money wasted!!

Hi Martina, that's strange, we would like to check the product, so we have sent you an email with instructions. Have a nice day.

Super practical use. Tried it now for frying and smoked the whole by, so I don't know. Can't use it for frying.

Hi Gabriela, we're sorry to hear that the oil doesn't suit you. We recommend shaking it before using and spraying it on a still cold pan. However, if you feel there is something wrong with the product, please feel free to contact us with the batch number at We will look into your situation together. Have a nice day.

Disappointing😕... Same problem as someone already wrote here... Can't smell the coconut at all and when frying pancakes full of kitchen smoke, even when I sprayed on a cold pan🤷... So I don't know what's wrong...

Hi, George, oil shouldn't do that. Please send the batch number to and we will take a good look at the oil. Have a nice day.

It's awesome to use

I use it for psoriasis and dry skin according to Ajvna and I have to say it's great

Great, I buy repeatedly. Ideal just for coconut oil, which solidifies at lower temperatures and is then difficult to dose :)

Excellent for the kitchen ☺️

Great! I bought the whole set and it is my #1 kitchen item!