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Hi, can you please also think about diabetics??? We are also human. Instead of coconut sugar, ERYTHRITOL is best for diabetics according to the doctor. Can you make such porridge? I think half of your customers will tear your hands off,because we are diabetics too many and we want to eat good and quality food too. I have discussed the composition of the porridges directly at the diabetes clinic. It's not about making it sweet as pie. Just a hint of sweetness. I would be very, very grateful. The lead diabetologist clearly said to sweeten it with erythritol. That's the best. Please discuss this and we diabetics will be very, very grateful. Thank you and have a nice day. Marcela
Hi, could I ask how many servings does one packet of porridge make? I need to know if one packet will be enough for my holiday or if I will need two :D Thanks a lot!