Vilgain R2E Organic Brown Lentils

127 Ratings

no soggy, sour lentils. This al dente luxury is ready to use immediately - anywhere - in soup, salad, rice...

Excellent... 🙏👍

I discovered warm water while doing this! I don't like infusions and this product was overdesigned for me in my opinion! Great taste, immediately usable, no pre-soaking, no smells!

Super gadget - especially when you are not in a hurry and want to indulge in a batch of legumes.

A lifesaver for days when I don't feel like cooking! Widely used, guilt-free meals and really filling :)

I add it to salads, I can't get enough of it

Excellent salty just no salty pour, you don't have to cook anything just pour it on the plate as a side dish or in a salad anywhere. Vyyyyborna

I highly recommend the lentil dhal, you can find the recipe here on actin!

A luxurious affair if you're not in a hurry and need to make a quick and quality meal. The lentils are already cooked so I just add tomatoes, parsley, lemon and spring onions and I have an amazing salad in a few minutes ❤️

The lentils are excellent, just soft enough. I add it to pasta salads.