Vilgain Organic Potato Chips

128 Ratings

Chips are fine. A little too salty for me, but nothing terrible.

Big surprise and if you like those bendy chips, there are an awful lot of them here! My fav snack for wife swapping

Taste great, they are just so much harder.

Great and tasty.

too salty for my taste, but otherwise a nice change :)

I love it! At last something that isn't made with inflammatory sunflower oil and its counterparts and is organic! Fantastic. I had chips fried in coconut oil once and they were delicious, but this is so much better. You can feel it's fresh and I love that it has just the right amount of salt! I wish they made them in other flavours like paprika, cheese, bbq. That would be great! :) I'm a regular customer of this we all love it in the family and it's almost all we eat now (I only eat this because I don't eat sunflower oil stuff).

They're still too greasy for me... I guess I've gotten used to the fried chips. Taste great though :-)

I've never had better chips.

Excellent, some may find them too hard/crunchy

They taste better than normal potatoes, they are not greasy or over-salted, they are also tasty for children. No complaints at last👌