Vilgain Organic Mini Cookies

864 Ratings

The best biscuits ever!

Mega tasty cookies, you can smell the lemon, which I like very much. :)

Excellent for when you're hungry. But totally TOP is orange with pineapple 🤤

Excellent and super composition. Tasty for the whole family.

I probably would have appreciated a little more crunch, but they are still very tasty.

To be honest, I expected it to be worse, but I was very pleasantly surprised and I really like the cookies. Strong taste according to the variant

Excellent for travelling, trips, children like them very much.

Excellent, I recommend to buy

a quick snack, which is not only useful when you have a small appetite for something, but also for a trip

I was expecting something else, strange texture, I didn't recognize the taste of caramel and almonds