Vilgain Organic Japan Matcha

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A matcha that gives other matchas a bad name. It's definitely not a ceremonial matcha. The flavor is grassy, not to mention the swampy color of the matcha. Stating on the packaging that it is matcha from Japan is a really broad term. I like Aktinu products, but I was deeply disappointed in this product.

There is a distinct bitterness in the taste, disappointing:(

great taste, the best is with oat vanilla milk and a little chicory or agave syrup

You can not tell the difference with the 'original ' matcha Tea.

great taste

Very good quality matcha

By drinking matcha every day I expected a little better taste. Certainly not bad for the price/performance ratio. The taste of a premium matcha that has grade but don't expect it.

soft, very good :) favourable price :)

Probably a great thing, but I don't like it. I have to sprinkle it on the side in various porridges and smoothies.

On the packaging it says Ceremonial grade green tea form Japan - after buying it I can evaluate that this has not much to do with ceremonial matcha. It is more like Macha. The taste is bitter, the colour of the tea is faded green and the origin is unknown. The Aktin refused to provide any proof. I won't be buying any more.

Hi Ludek, it's a shame Matcha didn't suit you. You can use matcha by adding it to your coffee, smoothie or other beverage if it doesn't suit you on its own with water. We have verified the origin of the tea after an inspection by the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Service, which has inspected the product. Have a nice day