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Super Omega-3!

From some brands you can smell the fishiness, not here!!!

Great, clean formula. The capsules are large, but washing them down with a glass of water solves this "problem".

larger capsules, but it can be

I appreciate the certificate of laboratory analysis

I'll take the short one for now

Very good product. I won't have an unpleasant fishy smell on my breath. :)

Good in terms of content, but smells slightly fishy.

I use Omega-3 year round, last time I had a previous batch from Aktinu. It was a branded raw material from the manufacturer "goldenomega". A highly purified form with no fishy smell. Now Aktin is apparently cutting corners and buying raw material from another manufacturer and the product now smells insanely fishy, which is strongly smelled after opening. There was no fishy smell with golden Omega.

Hi Pavel, we are currently working with Vivo Mega, a Norwegian fish oil producer with over 100 years of production history and the same or even higher standards of fish oil quality. So you don't have to worry about the current product not being as good as the original. Have a nice day

I love this accessory!