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The product was cool at first. Small lightweight packaging and a pleasant smell. However, over time the consistency became more dull, it left a sticky film on the lips, and the smell started to be unpleasant. I think the balm simply went rancid, however, this happened much faster than it should have!

I love using this balm. It leaves my lips nice and nourished for a long time. Plus, it smells nice.

The balm itself is fine, although the consistency is stiffer than usual for cup balms. Unfortunately, the flavours are so bad that I wouldn't buy the product again because of them. In particular, the cocoa butter has a smell and aftertaste strongly reminiscent of a classic Christmas figurine made of cheap chocolate...

Krasna vona !

It is pleasant on the lips and smells nice🥰

I love it super consistency fine natural scent. On the lips instantly dissolves

Perfectly moisturizes, dehydrates and lubricates. I would welcome it as a stick. The reaching into the cup is just not hygienic.

I would have liked a stronger scent, but it's fine.

It smells like chocolate. Only the consistency is very stiff.

It moisturizes nicely and smells great!