Vilgain Grass-fed Collagen Peptides

89 Ratings

Very unpleasant taste and smell.

Amazing! I'm a climber and my knees have stopped hurting completely. :))

Super price, but unfortunately the aftertaste is there.

For me, totally awesome, the best. I don't feel any aftertaste, I put it in a small glass with juice. 💯👆🏻

Super quality, good solubility.

Great solubility, I add it to yoghurt and porridge, it does not affect the taste at all

I put in my morning coffee, it suits me very well

Mixes well, no aftertaste.

At first you have to get used to the taste, after finishing the whole pack the difficulties were slightly alleviated but for the price I expected better results... :(

satisfaction so far, but I just started with this collagen