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wow, so this is really great I recommend!!

Goodness with a pure fruit composition. Great for replenishing sugars before/during physical activity as a healthy sugar.

Classic fruit sugar in a ''healthy'' form, ideal when you have a sweet tooth. I took off a star for the fact that the "stripes" are mostly stuck together and it takes quite an effort to tear them apart and of course as a bonus you will have sticky fingers from it

A good delicacy

a great snack on the go + it will satisfy your sweet tooth

In a word, luxury

I was really looking forward to the news, unfortunately I will definitely not buy again. The strips are glued together, so you have to chew them like a kind of "stick" - I wouldn't mind if you could chew it. It's so hard it makes my jaw hurt even now. Taste-wise, it's okay, but nothing special either way. I don't know if all flavors are like this, or if I got a defective piece, but I really don't recommend this.

Hi Helena, we're very sorry to hear about your experience. The tapes should be soft and should come apart nicely. We have contacted you by email and would be happy to work together to resolve your situation. Have a nice day,
I on the other hand had a great experience, the strips came apart nicely, soft and tasted great too, I tried all the flavours

I bought it for my daughter and she wasn't too thrilled with it

Byli slepene, tezce se oddelovali a slizke, ale jinak chutove dobre, fajn snack

Absolutely brilliant. It really tastes like fruit.