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Perfect, beautifully tightens - shapes!

Too small
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Purchased size: L

The first time I put it on, my leggings ripped at the crotch. My size is a size bigger than I normally wear, so it wasn't that I was ripping them. I'd like to claim them.

Hi Adele, we're so sorry your leggings ripped. We care very much about the quality of our clothes, so we would be happy if you could give us more information about the use of the leggings. There is a message from us in your email. Have a nice day.

Super comfortable leggings! They make beautiful legs

The size fits, they fit nicely and do not fall off during exercise.

The leggings fit well and are comfortable, but they quickly started to wrinkle and ripped a bit in one place.

I'm sorry to have to write a negative experience. I've had the Performance Seamless leggings in a bra set since Vilgain, which was my first, so I had something to compare it to. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Performance Seamless anymore so I reached for these, which was a big mistake. Despite using both in the same gym, the Seamless ones creased just a little, which I was understandably expecting with these, but these, which were also more expensive, developed a bit of a web of creasing and stretched slightly between the legs after a couple of uses, even though sizing-wise they should fit. The leggings as such are great, they stay in place, show through only slightly, cover the crosses, everything is great, just for the price I didn't expect them to get so yellow and stretch out between the legs..🤷🏼‍♀️😢

Hi, we really appreciate your feedback. We're sorry to hear that there was a problem with your leggings. Please send me a message in your email with photos of the leggings. Have a nice day :).

The leggings are great, comfortable, however, one workout and immediately wrinkles and pulled threads on the knees. :-( They won't go to the gym anymore, which is a shame, they are really cool, but the wrinkles bother me. :-(

Hi, if the item is not in order, you have the option to send it to us for a claim. How to proceed can be found here: https://aktin.cz/reklamace-a-vraceni-zbozi. Have a nice day

Leggings are stretchy, fit great, great material , but unfortunately the "threads" on the joints are already pulling out after the first use

Hi Dominika, thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the threads on the leggings. We have contacted you by email where you can send us a photo. Have a nice day :)

for me, probably the best leggings from Aktinu! The material is incredibly breathable and comfortable, they make a beautiful figure