Vilgain Adaptogens package ⁠–⁠ strengthening of the body, calming of the mind and overall well‑being thanks to the interplay of 4 medicinal herbs

Vilgain Adaptogens package ⁠–⁠ strengthening of the body, calming of the mind and overall well‑being thanks to the interplay of 4 medicinal herbs

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Stress ❌, what is it?

Not for nothing are adaptogens called adaptogens. Their main role is to help our body adapt to new conditions and resist stress.

4 green superfoods maca, shilajit, Korean ginseng and ashwaganda

Say goodbye to stress and unpleasant feelings about unexpected life changes

Powerful Ayurvedic adaptogen backed by research

Ashwagandha has its roots in Ayurveda, where it has been used for thousands of years. In India, it is the most widely used herb used mainly to boost immunity after illness, but today's research studies it mainly for its ability to help reduce stress, anxiety or improve libido. Vilgain delivers the purest, most researched ashwagandha extract in an additive‑free vegan cellulose capsule.

Extra potent extract KSM‑66 in organic quality

Each capsule contains only the powder from the root. Thanks to gentle extraction, it contains the full spectrum of bioactive compounds, including a 5% concentration of withanolides responsible for most of the health benefits of ashwagandha. KSM‑66 undergoes many quality inspections which have earned it several important certifications.

Only the root with no preservatives, fillers or allergens

Highest concentration of withanolides on the market

More than 40 relevant quality certifications

Comprehensive processing approach with in‑house farms, laboratory and distribution

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King among the ginsengs

Korean ginseng (true ginseng) is the most precious of all ginsengs. It contains the highest amount of active substances (ginsenosides) that can support immune function, cognitive function or boost libido.

The most effective type of ginseng

At least 40 types of ginsenosides

Maximum permitted content

Cognitive and memory support

Studies show that ginseng can improve memory, concentration and attention, mainly due to its ginsenoside content. These can influence neurotransmitters and neural activity in the brain.

Brain protection

Ginseng can also boast proven neuroprotective effects, which means your brain will continue to function as well as it did when you were young. Studies also systematically point to improvements in symptoms in Alzheimer's patients.

Vilgain Shilajit - a supplement to support vitality and energy with roots in Ayurveda

Shilajit is a brown‑black powder traditionally collected in the Himalayas as a means to increase physical strength and promote vitality. The main active ingredient is fulvic acid, an organic acid with antioxidant, adaptogenic, immune system support and better absorption of nutrients from food.

Vilgain Maca - vitalizing, adaptogenic maca root in tablets

The Peruvian Maca root is attributed with many properties and nicknames: superfood, adaptogen, natural energy booster and natural viagra. And many of these attributes are based on truth. That's why we created this product from the root of Peruvian Maca in organic quality.

Positively contributes to increased libido and vitality

Improves endurance during strenuous activities

May have positive effects on mental health and may help alleviate symptoms of depression