Vilgain 81 % Baking Protein

55 Ratings

I use this protein to replace 25% of the flour. I don't think it's noticeable in the dough or the taste. I give 👍 and when it runs out, I'll order more

It's good to work with, I just miss the measuring cup.

Hi Philip, thank you for your review. A measuring cup is not included with this protein, as the amount you can use in baking may vary depending on the specific recipe and your personal preferences. Thank you for your understanding. Have a nice day.

neutral taste, the cakes come out great

Do everything that goes through the heat treatment totally awesome! I often mix it into recipes like half and half with oat flour.

I put in every baking

Gosh **** I guess I'll have to order the whole box :-))))

The best protein for baking. It doesn't change the consistency of the dough, I have tried both sourdough, sourdough and yeast dough.