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Vilgain Organic Gunpowder Green Tea
Vilgain Organic Gunpowder Green Tea ⁠–⁠ fresh slightly bitter taste, from young tea leaves, improves attention and mood
60 g

Quality green teas

Green tea is made from the leaves of the Chinese tea tree. Unlike black tea, however, green tea is not fermented and is heat‑treated as soon as possible - pan‑drying is usually used for Chinese teas, while steaming is used for Japanese teas. This difference in processing method is also reflected in the taste, with Japanese teas having a sweeter and earthier taste. Green tea is popular stimulantantioxidant. Thanks to its EGCG content, which stimulates metabolism, it is also a popular supplement for weight loss.

A special kind of green tea represents matcha which is ground into a powder and has a higher chlorophyll content.

High‑quality green tea can be made into more than one infusion. For others, the temperature of the water or the length of maceration is usually increased. The recommended water temperature and maceration time vary according to the tea. The most popular green teas include:

  • gyokura, like matcha, is shaded before harvesting, which allows it to contain a higher percentage of both chlorophyll and caffeine. It is one of the highest quality teas;
  • gunpowder is a native Taiwanese tea that is popular worldwide. Taste Vilgain Gunpowder, originally from China, which has a typical slightly bitter taste;
  • sencha is one of the most popular Japanese green teas, and is made from the young and tender leaves of the tea tree. Sencha can be drunk hot or cold.

You will also find jasmine teawhich is made by mixing green tea with jasmine flowers, or semi‑green tea Oolong whose secret lies only in its partial fermentation.

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