Lydia Turnbull

Favourite products

Vilgain Organic Rolled Oats
Vilgain Organic Rolled Oats ⁠–⁠ flakes with a firm structure, a source of fibre to aid digestion, for porridge, cooking and baking
500 g
Vilgain Organic Olive Oil Extra virgin spray
Vilgain Organic Olive Oil Extra virgin spray ⁠–⁠ cold-pressed, extra virgin cooking oil
200 ml
Vilgain Seed Grain Mix
Vilgain Seed Grain Mix ⁠–⁠ crunchy granola, small batches for maximum freshness, light and nutritious breakfast
Honey and cinnamon 300 g
Vilgain Organic Tagliatelle Pasta
Vilgain Organic Tagliatelle Pasta ⁠–⁠ authentic Italian pasta, gently processed for perfect texture
Egg semolina 250 g
Vilgain Pumpkin seeds natural
Vilgain Pumpkin seeds natural ⁠–⁠ unroasted seeds from South Moravia full of well absorbed zinc
300 g
Vilgain Organic Fusilli Pasta
Vilgain Organic Fusilli Pasta ⁠–⁠ propellers from controlled organic farming
Lenticular 250 g