Milo McCloud

Favourite products

Vilgain Organic Rice Cakes
Vilgain Organic Rice Cakes ⁠–⁠ puffed rice snack topped with chocolate or yoghurt, made from premium Italian rice and Dutch chocolate
Milk chocolate 100 g
Vilgain Magnesium and Zinc
Vilgain Magnesium and Zinc ⁠–⁠ support of physical performance, enriched with vitamin B6 and copper, minerals in chelate bonds
90 capsules
Vilgain Shaker 2Go
Vilgain Shaker 2Go ⁠–⁠ well-sealed shaker with two reservoirs for protein or tablets
Transparent black 600 ml + 200 ml + 150 ml
Vilgain Organic Tagliatelle Pasta
Vilgain Organic Tagliatelle Pasta ⁠–⁠ authentic Italian pasta, gently processed for perfect texture
Egg semolina 250 g
Vilgain Iont Drink
Vilgain Iont Drink ⁠–⁠ hypotonic drink for performance support, hydration, and ion balance, delays fatigue and prevents muscle cramps
Tropical fruit 600 g
Vilgain Organic White Basmati Rice
Vilgain Organic White Basmati Rice ⁠–⁠ for rice dishes made from non-sticky and noble rice varieties
1000 g