Chicory Syrup

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Vilgain Chicory Syrup
Vilgain Chicory Syrup ⁠–⁠ natural sweetener with fibre and minimal sugar
350 g

Chicory sweetener

Chicory syrup is a natural low‑calorie sweetener used as an alternative to conventional sugar. The syrup is obtained by extracting the chicory root, which is also used to make chicory coffee, or chicory. The following applies to chicory syrup:

  • low sugar content,
  • high content of the prebiotic fibre inulin,
  • low glycaemic index,
  • suitable for diabetics,
  • lower sweetness than sugar.

Chicory syrup can be used to sweeten coffee, tea and other beverages, to flavour breakfast cereals, pancakes or yoghurt, and is also used in baking or cooking. You can also buy flavoured chicory sweeteners, which are suitable as toppings.

In addition to diabetics, the 100% extract of the root is also suitable for pregnant women and children. Chicory syrup may, due to its high fibre content, be unsuitable for people with chronic digestive diseases.

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