Vilgain Organic Peanut Butter Powder

852 Ratings

Ideal for sauces

This is really a bomb! The powder consistency is awfully handy, it's much easier to work with than regular peanut butter. Just add a little water and stir. I use it for everything, in porridge, in baking, in sauces,... It tastes great and as an added bonus it has less calories than regular peanut butter. I am very satisfied, I will definitely buy again.

EXCELLENT nut butter with a subtle peanut taste. Melts beautifully. I really appreciate the fact that it flavors the dish but doesn't sweeten it and also that it is less fatty.

great if you don't want the added calories/fat but like the taste of peanut butter. i recommend mixing it with yogurt and protein, in muffin cups, freeze, top with chocolate, and you have homemade reese's. i haven't tried thinning it with water and putting it on baked goods yet, i'll see.

The most practical thing in the world. I use it for waffles, but also to flavor protein, etc.

Great, I recommend it

Yooo guyz I didn't know I need this until I tried it. I literally sprinkle it on every fruit.

Great for cooking and sauces

This is a totally cool invention. We especially use it in sauces for chicken. It has significantly less calories compared to the classic peanut butter. I also find it easier to work with when cooking.

Great stuff - tastes great, mixes well with water or cottage cheese for example, I'm satisfied. :)