Vilgain Organic Nut Butter Cups

answered questions
Hello, I would like to ask if there has been a change in the recipe for the almond butter cups. The newest batch tastes noticeably different than the previous ones (for me, for a basket). Thank you.
Hello, unfortunately I can't write a review. The white chocolate cupcakes are a big disappointment. I had to check the expiration date to see if they were spoiled. The white chocolate tastes more like a mixture of cocoa and coconut butter, leaving a sort of aftertaste and coating on the teeth. It's a long way from white chocolate. The peanut filling tastes like rancid peanuts. Never again!
Hello,The cupcakes are delicious.Will there be other flavours in the future please? I think coconut or cashew would be great.Thank you :)
Hello, I would like to ask when this goodie should be back in stock? I'm going abroad and would love to be able to order and pack with me 👀 Thank you so much! 😊
Hi, has this product been removed from the menu due to temperatures?
Hello, are you planning to make another flavour? Pistachio, for example, would be the bomb! Cashews would be nice too. :)) Thanks!
Hello, will there be other flavours? Like there used to be cashew/caramel and miso? ☺️