Vilgain Organic Avocado Oil

89 Ratings

Excellent mild avocado taste. I will buy again

Ideal for hot kitchens.

excellent, a bit strong but I don't mind. It contains healthy fats and, unlike olive or other "healthy" oils, it can be heated. I add it to my salads

Excellent oil for salads.

Great stuff!

Great for salads and baking.

I love avocados but I am extremely bothered by the thick plastic tail in this oil 👎🏽 maybe my personal feeling but never again.

Hi Barbara, that was very surprising. If the oil is not right, please contact us with the batch number at We will be happy to check :).

I can't imagine cooking without it anymore 🙏☺️

Great for salads, it has no distinct taste compared to olive oil and has a wide range of uses.

Amazing oil that I use in almost everything I can :)