Avocado Oil

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Vilgain Avocado Oil Spray
Vilgain Avocado Oil Spray ⁠–⁠ made from Mexican Hass avocados, it comes with a practical dispenser for easy use
200 ml
Vilgain Oils and Sauce Sprays ⁠–⁠ convenient packaging of oils and sauces in sprays, easy dosing, made from premium ingredients
Vilgain Ghee Butter Oil
Vilgain Ghee Butter Oil ⁠–⁠ clarified butter with avocado oil in a spray, lactose-free, with a practical dispenser
200 ml
Vilgain Organic Avocado Oil
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Vilgain Organic Avocado Oil ⁠–⁠ fragrant, unrefined, from noble Hass and Fuerte varieties
250 ml

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