Vilgain Magnesium Bisglycinate

999 Ratings

I take it for a short time, I can not evaluate the effect.

Great, got rid of the night cramps.

magnesium good, I take in the evening for better sleep and skin. I take long term 3 capsules a day, I try different magnesium, so far I don't see a difference between this brand and any other magnesium bisglycinate. the price is acceptable (3kč/capsule, benu for 5-6Kč/capsule)

Zazrak na spanek

It is not to be missed in our home. I take it every night before bed (along with zinc) and wake up better rested in the morning.

The capsules are larger, but they are easy to drink and I do not feel stomach cramps after them. I have tetany and since taking this magnesium I sleep better and have not experienced muscle cramps either. I'll see how it goes after longer use, but so far so good.

After longer use I have to finally admit that it really works. I find it very supportive for muscle regeneration, calms me down in the evening and improves sleep. Really great.

Supplementing magnesium is a must for me, but this magnesium really works.

I have only been using it for two weeks, but it works well so far in combination with reflex nutrition nexgen pro tablets.

Very good product. I can really tell the difference.