Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein

answered questions
Hello, is this product made from pasteurized milk? Is it safe for pregnant women?
who is the manufacturer of grass fed whey protein?
Hello, when will the peanut cream and cocoa flavour be available again? Thank you:)
Hello, will you be releasing other flavours with the new recipe? And when can we expect it to be available? I'm waiting for hazelnut :P.
Hello, will you have the Mazipan cookie pistachio flavour back in stock? Thank you for your reply
Hello, I do not eat gluten. Is it possible that it may contain traces of gluten? Thank you for your reply
Hello, do you have a new flavor coming?
Hello, how many drinks can we drink in a day?
I can take your proteins even if I have a diagnosis of diabetes.
Hi, are you planning to sell other flavours in the jars or will it stay at two flavours at least for now?