Vilgain Cashews Dry Roasted

124 Ratings

Excellent. :)

Excellent.They are not as oily as normal cashews.

EXCELLENT, distinctly spicy, non-spicy.

Excellent, I will definitely buy again.

Excellent, I'm glad I found a competitor mix*t nuts at a more reasonable price.

Super, tasty

I love cashews in supka which crunch a little and are lightly salted yum

Absolutely gorgeous, I thought they would last until Christmas but they disappeared in a few days :D

Yummy, delicious

I don't know, for the price I expected something better, rosemary is too strong for my taste, better to buy ordinary cashews

Hi Lucie, if you don't like the rosemary flavor, I recommend you try the salted version I believe you will like the nuts better🙂. Have a nice day.