Vilgain 87 % Baking Protein

130 Ratings

After baking, the bun is fluffy

Great for baking, great texture.

I put the protein in the pudding, which held its shape and thickness beautifully. Then I tried putting it in waffle batter, and that was harder to work with, I still need to figure out the consistency when baking. Taste neutral

Baking fluffy

Perfect for baking and cooking.

You have to watch the dosage, but I tried adding it to different doughs and I didn't notice a change in texture.

great, no flavor, adds protein so we can make sweet snacks

Excellent. Just a bit expensive :)

Great,it does not affect the taste of the ingredients in any way

No flavor, does not affect the properties of the dough, but increases the proportion of protein, great 🙂