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Vilgain Organic Tahini
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Vilgain Organic Tahini ⁠–⁠ fine ground sesame paste from Greece without salt and added sugar
300 g

Sesame tahini paste

Tahini, sometimes also tahina or tehina, is a paste of crushed sesame seeds. It is most often made from shelled seeds, but you can also find unhulled (darker colour) or roasted seeds (fuller flavour). Traditionally, it also contains sea salt. Sesame paste plays an important role in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Like the sesame seeds themselves, tahini paste is nutritionally rich. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B and E, is a good source of minerals (phosphorus, manganese or zinc) and antioxidants.

Uses of tahini

It is hard to imagine a chickpea spread without sesame paste hummus, falafel fritters and also plays an irreplaceable role in the oriental confectionery challah. Tahini can also be used in the preparation of toppings, dressings, to thicken or soften sauces and soups, as an ingredient in baking or as a dip or spread.

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