Nut Flour

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Vilgain Coconut Flour
Vilgain Coconut Flour ⁠–⁠ Gentle flavoured flour for gluten-free desserts
500 g
Vilgain Almond Flour Extra Fine
Vilgain Almond Flour Extra Fine ⁠–⁠ extra fine flour from blanched almonds
500 g

Hazelnut flour

Nut flours are an increasingly popular alternative to conventional flours, which are also gluten‑free. They are made by finely grinding nuts, which allows them to boast a significant proportion of health‑giving fatty acids, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. The lower carbohydrate content is compensated by a higher fat content.

When working with nut flours, care must be taken to ensure that the characteristics are different. They lack the gluten that helps hold the dough together, they suck up more water, especially coconut flour, because of their higher fiber content, and they are more prone to burning. For these reasons, nut flours are commonly combined with other flours (e.g. buckwheat or sorghum flour to maintain gluten‑free status).

Nut flours are used especially in baking, gluten‑free and raw desserts, but also in exotic cuisines for sauces and dressings. Nut flours are stored in the same way as nuts - in a closed container, without access to light, heat and moisture, ideally in the fridge.

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