answered questions
Hello, is this protein also suitable during pregnancy due to the BCAA content? Thank you.
Hello. Is the improved recipe so far only the 1000g pack or the larger 2000g pack?
Hello, I just want to ask if I can add strawberry protein to the pancakes?
Hello, do you plan to make the cinnamon roll flavoured protein in a larger pack? Thank you in advance for your reply 🫶🏻
Why is there no foam on the surface after mixing the protein in the shaker unlike other proteins?
Hello, will there be a 30g packet of cinnamon flake flavour? :)
Are you going to make a protein that does not contain sunflower lecithin?
How many BCAAs does 1 serving of protein contain?
Hello, will there still be an eggnog flavour? Thank you
Hello, please when will the Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel flavour (1000 g) be available again?