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1200ml is the perfect size for lunch.

It also fits in a bike backpack. Sufficient size for 1 lunch. Easy maintenance.

Great product, the "splitter" is very practical. A big plus is the weight of the box, which is about half the weight of an equally sized glass bowl. There is a rubber gasket in the lid and I must say it seals great. No accidents so far. The only negative, of course, is that the metal box cannot be heated in the microwave. But yeah... we have erary plates at work :D

It's not leaking 😊 But unfortunately the gasket is falling out :(

Hi Olga, thank you for your feedback. The gasket should not fall out 😔. Please send photos to: podpora@aktin.cz and we will take a look at the box together. Have a nice day.

A great thing for those who don't want their food sealed in plastic. Seals well.

The box doesn't leak, I have a bigger one and the size is perfect for lunches, I will definitely buy a smaller one for snacks and snacks

I bought two, a smaller one and a bigger one. The smaller one doesn't leak, The larger box, the contents leak out through the lid.

Hi Honza, thank you for your feedback. I'm sure the contents of the box shouldn't leak. We'll send you a message in the mail and we'll sort out any complaint together. Have a nice day,

Very practical. I do not regret this purchase at all. 100% recommended.

Top product, I use daily!

super amazing box - the distributor is great, no leakage, easy handling, even small children can open and close it well

Is the splitter removable?