answered questions
Hello, do I need to take any other prebiotics in addition to these probiotics? Or is it sufficient that these contain one prebiotic ingredient? Thank you for your answer.
Hello, in the recommended storage you state that probiotics should be kept in the refrigerator, but in your store in Prague you have them normally in the counter. What is the point of storing them as you recommend if you do not follow this yourself?
Is there a recommended amount for the maintenance phase (like once every 2 days)? I've already had over 6 months of use. I've read that it's possible to take probiotics every other day, but is that true with these as well? Thank you
Hi, I was wondering for what reason is it not recommended to take probiotics while breastfeeding? Can it somehow affect breast milk and its quality?
Hi, can I ask how you test the product, or how you check the quality of the raw material, the absence of unwanted balteria etc.? Thanks a lot, Honza
"Refrigerated storage recommended". Is this necessary to maintain proper functionality of the probiotics? Somehow I don't understand that it's only recommended, I would understand if it was either or. Thanks.
What is the proportion of the substances contained? Like what % of what, or is it all evenly distributed? Thanks
Hello, I would like to ask if these probiotics contain any lactic bacteria or can they also be used for lactose intolerance? Thank you!
Hello, are these probiotics vegan? Thank you :)
Hello. There are many variants of probiotics on the internet. Some even with slow release. Are your probiotics formulated to travel to the gut and not just the stomach? Thanks for the info.