Vilgain Plant Protein Candy Bar

413 Ratings

fine, but the old/classic protein bar from Vilgain was 1000 times tastier... and there were better flavors

Yes, I miss those old delicious flavours too much... Now everything is just chocolate and nutty 👎
I miss the classic one, especially the blueberry one 😭 a lot.

Taste and texture good. Salted caramel but very sweet.

the salted caramel doesn't taste much like salted caramel, but there are peanut flavours, it's soft, it has a very pleasant taste

Very good, nice composition, I was pleasantly surprised :)

The consistency and taste disappointed me.

The taste didn't impress me much

The consistency and flavor disappointed me. I expected better. I love salted caramel, but this is not like it

Pretty good

Absolutely delicious! I can only recommend 🫶

It tastes very good.