Vilgain Organic Sprouted Almond Butter

49 Ratings

I won't buy this butter again, the taste is bitter. Ever since I've had almond butter, it's always been sweet, but this is inedible.

Hi Katherine, the butter is made from 100% activated Valencia almonds, which are some of the highest quality almonds on the market. The taste of activated almond butters is very specific and different from regular almond butters. Have a nice day,

You can feel the hint of marzipan as a final note of velvety taste. For me, it's the bomb. I feel no bitterness at all in the jar I ordered. The texture is strongly creamy. Maybe the bitterness is a matter of an inferior batch of nuts? Or taste individually in each person. I ordered another 5 jars on a 15% promotion. I recommend

Fine, supple, does not separate, very good. Compared to other 100% almond butter it is a hair more bitter, but it doesn't matter. I recommend it.

Beautifully liquid consistency.

Good consistency, but the almonds were very bitter in my butter. For us unfortunately inedible 😕

It's insanely good. The inscription on the lid, which points out exactly this /"Easy to open, hard to close"/ is absolutely accurate. You can't stop eating. Best nut butter I've ever had.

The best almond butter I've ever tasted. Amazing creamy consistency and sweet marzipan taste.

I've had it twice and it's bitter every time. The consistency is amazing, but I don't like the taste, it got lost in the baking.

I have expected something else after reading the reviews. It just tastes extremely bitter to me :(

If any butters are perfect, it's these, made from activated nuts. You won't taste it, you don't know.