Vilgain Organic Rooibos Tea

39 Ratings

Bad choice, I wanted to order a drink 😃

Really the best rooibos on the market, I buy regularly, tastes good for the whole family

The best loose rooibos I've ever had :) recommended

Taste delicious tea

I have nothing to add, today I received a package with products from Vilgain I was looking forward to this tea. It's really soothing, has a wonderful smell and makes me feel like I'm in a tea room. A teaspoon of chicory, lemon and it's great. Otherwise someone wrote that the bag ripped, if you cut the part above the zipper it's fine. Thank you 🙂

too bad it's not in bags

Tasty tea with honey

Problem packaging - the reclosable mechanism breaks away from the bag and does not work.

Hello, for this range of teas we have used 100% compostable bags, which have a significantly lower environmental impact, but are also more prone to breaking the zipper mechanism. We are already working on a change. Have a nice day

Best quality and awesome taste!