Vilgain Organic Chocolate Ghee Spread

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I use a little at a time to make a MEGA good alternative "yogurt" with cottage cheese and honey. How to make it? 2 tsp Vilgain Choko Ghee 3 large tablespoons of full-fat cottage cheese 2 tbsp Vilgain Honey + possibly a tablespoon of coconut Enjoy this healthy parade with a divine taste!

The taste is excellent, the perfection is disturbed by lumps of ghee/coconut cream.

Do not put in the fridge, otherwise it's a bit of a struggle:) but the pure taste of cocoa does not disappoint!!! Highly addictive

Very good. There were just a few lumps of sugar at the bottom.

A great and tasty chocolate substitute

This is so damn good! I always have it in my fridge and when I make pancakes I put it on and it always melts so beautifully....Yum!

The spread has a very specific taste, but it is definitely not like the classic hazelnut spread. The cocoa flavour is very intense. It was good to try something new, but I wouldn't order again.

Excellent. Hmmmm.

The taste of chocolate is horribly overpowered by ghee. I know it's gheetela but after a spoonful combined with anything I thought I would get liver steatosis😅

For me, it's too sweet.