Vilgain Organic 1 Minute Rice Meal

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There are hard pieces of rice in the porridge and it is very unpleasant when eating. It didn't help to cook and blend the porridge. What now with the remaining 2 and 3/4 packs?

Hi Theresa, it may happen that there are sometimes small pieces of rice in the porridge. However, if it is cooked as directed and allowed to sit for a while, these pieces should also soften. However, just to be sure, we have contacted you by email and would be happy to check your experience. Have a nice day.

Excellent stuff! Quickly prepared and tastes great.

Fine rice porridge. 😊 Only sometimes one encounters hard pieces of rice.

Fantastic gluten-free porridge variant, quickly ready and tasty

I regret that I bought so many packs based on the reviews pretending to be the best porridge on this earth. But when you don't grind parts of the rice gristle under your teeth and your porridge is full of such parts, you will say that this porridge is the worst you have ever eaten and so far I confirm it!

Hi Martin, we're sorry the porridge didn't suit you. I sent you a message in the mail, please check it out. We'd be happy to check the product with you. Have a nice day

Delicious, only problem is it clumps easily 😅

EXCELLENT, fast dissolving, soft.

The porridge is generally great, but every now and then a little grain of rice is mixed in, which is of course hard.

Excellent, I buy repeatedly

quick breakfast or snack