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Hello, can I find somewhere the exact composition of the capsules and the amount of magnesium in each of them?
Hello, how to take Malate with Bisglycinate together for one there are 1-2 tablets and for the other 3 tablets a day....in the morning I take 1 Malate and in the evening 2 Bisglycinate, I would like to take both of them at the same time just for the different effects, but I don't want to exceed the dosage...Thank you for the answer
Hello, can the capsules be easily split (and poured onto a spoon)?
Hello, which magnesium should I use? I have a problem with cramps during long bike rides - over 4 hours, and also in the evening and at night after such rides. Thank you for your reply
Hello, will magnesium malate be available anytime soon?