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Good iron, comparable to a much more expensive supplement.

Supplement due to sports and blood donation. My blood tests are absolutely fine.

Some of the iron supplements give me "tinfoil mouth", Vilgain doesn't do it for me though thankfully. I recommend it.

A great product that doesn't break the bank zaludek👍🏻

Super supplement. I don't have to carry two pills with me unnecessarily.

It's hard to judge the effects, I can only trust them. I may start to feel a little better after about two weeks, but that may be a paid effect, hard to say. Anyway, the packaging is great, the box is practical,after consuming it will definitely be useful at home for other things. The smell or unpleasant odor (which some complain about) did not take place. It does not smell any worse,than other vitamins, or medicines. The tablets "slide" well so can be swallowed easily if necessary without swallowing. So far so good.

Super product, thanks to vitamin c, iron uses its maximum potential in the body.

My multiple pack. I can't get enough of ❤️

I wasn't feeling well, heart pounding, stomach aching.

Hello, in this case we recommend consulting a doctor. Problems can be caused, for example, by excess iron. Have a nice day.

I had bad digestion, stomach pain (so far the best Viridian - Iron complex did not beat anything, even from the pharmacy)

Hi Gabriela, some people with more sensitive digestion may find that taking iron supplements leads to digestive problems. Try taking the supplement with meals or at close intervals to meals, the difficulties should disappear. Have a nice day