38 Ratings

It's a normal coffee, you can't say it would shoot me out of my guts.

Great taste, with instant coffee from the store it can not be compared.

One of the best instant coffees.

Very good coffee. I don't drink regular, but this is great for work.

Perfectly balanced flavor and acidity

Excellent coffee. Usually I take two spoons of instant coffee, but with this one is enough. It has a strong taste. Too bad there is no bigger pack.

Very strong instant coffee, quite sour for me and I made half a batch😃. Those who are used to instant coffee will probably be ok, but as a filter or espresso consumer, this coffee gave me the shivers. 🙈 + the taste reminds me of cheap instant coffee from the supermarket 🙈

Hi Lucie, thank you for your feedback. If you didn't like the taste, try using coffee in other ways! Maybe bake some snails, which are perfect for autumn relaxation: https://aktin.cz/kavovo-skoricovi-sneci. Have a nice day,

I really like it... Super finding that even instant coffee can be quality. I pour water up to 90°C. With or without milk... Very good!

great, definitely better than the usual instant coffee

High quality instant coffee.