1737 Ratings

Excellent granola! I like the amount of nuts.

Very tasty granola, can even be eaten dry as a snack.

Excellent in porridge, yoghurt or just to taste....totally great taste


Really delicious granola 😋🍫.

Excellent, although they are big chunks of granola, so it doesn't matter :)

The best chocolate granola I've ever had in my life😍🥰.

My favorite Granola. Wonderful flavor, large chunks great for sweet meals.

the best granola in the world :) I could eat it all at once :D My favorites are maple syrup and gingerbread.

In the last package I had 300 g instead of 400 g. The product must have passed through several hands before it was packed in the box, so it is a shame that I must have noticed it. The street dealers would have handled it better than you.

Hi Martin, thank you for your honest review. We are very sorry if the product was not quite right. You have a message from us in your email. We would be happy to work with you to resolve your situation. Have a nice day.