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Really unusual, yet novel idea - not seen savoury granola before - bought 2 bags - so glad I did, gave some to my dad to try and he loves it! I tried some as well - very pleasant. I'm happy as I'm always on the lookout for savoury protein options - there's always too much focus on the sweet stuff! Not all of us have a sweet tooth!

The squeeze! Very good!

🤤 excellent, definitely recommend to try

There are not many such non-sweet products.

Very interested in granola. The bacon flavor is there. It's good in soup, on salads, or just on the toothpick.

A very strange taste. I opened the package today and I don't know if I actually like it.

I've never had salted granola before. It's an amazing idea and the bacon flavour is simply delicious.

Best I've had in a long time!

If you are a fan of salty flavours like me, you will love this granola... I haven't had such a good salty snack in a long time, I praise the idea... in the future you could add cheese or cream with onion :D

For a while I didn't know what it tasted like, and then I figured it out -> peanuts in batter :D. It's delicious.